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What can YOU do to defend human rights?

Learning Goals

It is important for us to understand universal human rights, but that's just the start! It's also important that we think about how we can live our day-to-day lives in support of human rights in our own small and unique way. In this discussion we will practice doing our own external research, summarizing current events, and proposing different ways that we can be a part of the solution. 

Content and Multimedia

First, watch this short introductory video to the UN Declaration of Human Rights.


Second, browse through different types of Human Rights on the web page below and pick one that really matters to you.

Stand Up For Human Rights

Discussion Questions

Answer the following questions in your personal submission:

  1. Explore. Find an example of your chosen right being abused or challenged in the world today. Your example can be local (close to home) or global (anywhere around the world). Post a link or a video and summarize the problem in your own words.

  2. Propose. Identify one small but important thing that you can do to be a part of the solution. It can be raising awareness, taking action, or any other form of impact!

Peer Feedback

After submitting your response, read at least two of your classmates’ responses and post a reply. Use the following guiding questions to help you:

  1. What is one thing you learned about human rights from this post?
  2. Can you think of any other ways that individual people can help?

Stay curious!

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