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Design Specifications

Learning Goals

Today we will go over ACCESS FM again, so that you are experts when it comes to writing Design Specifications.

You will write your own design specifications for the product you hope to make.

You will spend time giving each other feedback on the Design Specifications.

Content & Multimedia

Watch this video before you begin:

Discussion Questions

Now write your Design Specifications. 

For each specification, put the reason and how you will test it.

You will need to write 8-12 specifications. You should definitely include function and aesthetic. You might include some specification type more than once (for example, you might have three specifications for aesthetics).

Use this format to help you:
Specification Type:
My Specification:
Testing Method:

Remember to include what your product is!


Product: My design will be a poster illustrating ten things you can do to improve your mental health.

Specification Type: Aesthetics
My Specification: My poster will be bright, happy colours.
Reason: My project is about mental health, so I want my poster to have a positive impact on the mental health os people who see it. This article from 99 Design says that "colours and emotions are closely linked" and that colours can evoke emotions!
Testing Method: I will create a survey. The survey will have a check-list question (people can pick more than one answer), asking them to pick out different words to describe the colours of the poster. The words will include a range of emotions, including relaxed, happy, calm, anxious. The words will be positive, negative and neutral. I will aim to have 85% of the words being natural or positive.

Peer Feedback Instructions

Are the specifications clear (SPECIFIC) enough?
Will the testing methods actual get an accurate answer?
Does the reason justify the specification?

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Digital Citizenship
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