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CRISPR: The Good, The Bad, and The Immortal

Learning Goals

In this RoundTable, we’re going to explore the discoveries made around genetic engineering and a new technology called CRISPR. We will question, build on and challenge each other's ideas in a respectful manner.

Why is it important?

Many would argue that CRISPR is one of the most promising medical technologies in the world today. It has the power to cure millions of people (alive today and still unborn) who have genetically predisposed illnesses. As with most amazing technologies - CRIPSR has a flip side. There are some serious political, ethical and social concerns. Today, we're going to explore the many sides of this revolutionary technology.

Content & Multimedia

First, lets see how 'Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever'


Discussion Questions

Interesting? Terrifying? This video is simply sharing one view. Do some of your own research and find different perspectives before making up your own mind. Explore your thoughts and share your opinion by answering these three questions in your submission:

1. Consider - What are some opportunities you see in CRISPR?

2. Assess - Do you see any long-term risks to society?

3. Analyze - Do you think the good outweighs the bad? Or does the bad outweigh the good? Elaborate.


Peer Feedback

When you join the discussion choose at least two of your peers' responses to leave feedback, and build on their ideas. Please answer the guiding questions provided.

Don't worry about being "right". The point of the RoundTable is to explore this idea, together.

Stay Curious!

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Bobby McDonald
Subject Area:
Science & Innovation ,  Philosophy & Ethics
Topics of the Future ,  Controversies in Genetics ,  STEM ,  Harmony Public Schools - Math and Science Collection ,  World Issues
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