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Early American History
RoundTables in this collection focus on key events and themes in early American history ranging from the founding of the nation to the end of the 19th Century. Students will have opportunities to walk in the shoes of the leaders in this time period through the defining moments of America's history while comparing those key events and themes to the modern day.

Heroes or Villains in U.S. History: Andrew Jackson

Can you buy peace? America and the Barbary Pirates

Life on the Plantation

Federalism - Exploring State and Federal Powers

The Emancipation Proclamation

Role of Women and "The American Dream" in The Great Gatsby

Washington's Neutrality: Then and Now

Should Laws Expire Every 19 Years?

The Louisiana Purchase and "Manifest Destiny"

Analyzing American Foreign Policy - Early 1800s

The Bill of Rights

The Differences Between the North and South


From Compromises to Civil War

Settlement of the 13 Colonies

Why Did Americans Win The Revolution?

The Columbian Exchange

Early American Civilizations

Lincoln's Assassanation

The Boston Massacre

The Evolution of Railways

Heroes or Villains in U.S. History: John Brown

Native American History and Culture

America the Underdog: The Battle of New Orleans, 1815.

In the shoes of James Madison, 1812.

Symbol of Independence: The Gadsden Flag from 1776 to 1812

The Election of 1800. Birth of two parties.

The Civil War and Modern Day America

The Mountain Men in Early America

The Civil War and Modern America. Compare and Reflect.

Should Historical Monuments Be Removed?